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Type of station: AWOS (Automatic Weather Observing Station). Operated on amateur base.

Time of operation: H24 - Non Stop

Measured values: Temperature, Humidity, Wind direction, Wind speed, Ultraviolet Radiation Index (UV Index), Rainfall.

All sensors are frequently maintained - checked and calibrated. Nevertheless, caution is advised in reading the information on the website since this is amateur weather observing station.

Calculated values: Average values, Heat index, Wind chill, Dew point, Evapo-transpiration rate.

Location: Kapistec - Skopje, Republic of Macedonia     N41'59.9"    E021'25.5"

Altitude: 310 m ASL



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CAUTION !!!   Meteorological information is collected and provided on amateur base. Do not use any information from this site for operational use, flight planning or any other serious business. No information on this website is officially validated nor guaranteed. The author does not take any responsibility for any damage that eventually result from the use of the provided data.





Author: Damjan Bogdanovski


македонски Македонски 

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