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Current weather situation


Current weather situation with 24 h graph


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Solar – terrestrial radio wave propagation data



Maximum and minimum values for today and yesterday


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Past 24 hours graph


Past 48 hours graph


Past 72 hours graph


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Astronomical data


Daily update of the averages/extremes to date for the month

Extremes since the start of the station work


The main meteorological data is updated at five minutes interval. Statistical data and astronomical info are updated less frequent. Please check the imprinted time of update on every picture.

Use the RELOAD facility on your browser to retrieve the latest data.

Station info

Photo Gallery

Description: Description: C:\Users\Damjo\Desktop\izvicnik.gifCAUTION !!!   Meteorological information is collected and provided on amateur base. Do not use any information from this site for operational use, flight planning or any other serious business. No information on this website is officially validated nor guaranteed. The author does not take any responsibility for any damage that eventually result from the use of the provided data.

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Last 48h HTML

12 h MPEG
12 h MPEG old

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Description: Description: македонскиМакедонски

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